This story below and the report in the video player above discuss instances of sexual violence and may be upsetting for some readers or viewers.

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence, there are resources available.

  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-4673
  • SARNCO 24-hour sexual assault helpline: 614-267-7020
  • SARNCO aftercare advocacy: 614-788-4739
  • Ohio Domestic Violence Network: 614-781-9651

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio (WCMH) — The CEO of a Chillicothe hospital is responding to sexual misconduct allegations against two doctors, which surfaced in February in an NBC4 Investigates report.

The complaints, made by former employees of Adena Health, included allegations of inappropriate text messages, physical contact, and comments in the workplace.

“Well, first of all, I think it’s sad,” said Adena Health CEO Jeff Graham. “And I take, and the organization takes, any time there’s any kind of allegation of any sort—whether it’s sexual harassment or any type of thing that involves people. and we take it very seriously.”

One of the accused doctors travels and is based in a different state. Ohio’s professional licensing database shows he is no longer licensed to practice medicine in Ohio.

The other doctor continues to practice medicine at Adena Health. NBC4 is not sharing his name because he has not been charged with a crime. However, NBC4 confirmed that two women have independently reported the doctor to the Ross County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the reports states that the case was closed because, “no erogenous zone was ever touched by (the doctor),” and the complainant was advised that “this case was more of a civil issue.” Graham said an internal investigation is currently underway.

“I can tell you the very first thing we do is we follow not only our protocols and policies, but we also work very closely with the local authorities and governing bodies. We follow the law, and we do an investigation,” he said.

Since NBC4 first reported on the sexual misconduct allegations, another woman has come forward with similar accusations against the same doctor. The woman works for a company that regularly does business with Adena Health.

She provided screenshots of text messages, allegedly from the doctor, to hospital administration and shared them with NBC4. “… I picture you naked all the time,” one text message says. Another reads, “You owe me sex.” A third contains a request too vulgar for publication.

Asked whether these texts were acceptable coming from a doctor in a professional setting, Graham replied, “I would just have to respond – I mean you’re showing me two or three documents from an individual. And I would just go back to what I said earlier, that when you look at the investigation and the process that you use during the investigation, they’re looking at all the facts in the case.”

“To answer your question,” Graham continued. “If I was only looking at that, I would agree with you. But I can’t – I can’t base a judgment on what those three messages you showed me… Again, there are people involved, through the investigation process, internally and externally within the organization. And we just – I’m not going to comment—make comments about either of the individuals involved. But I can tell you that the results of those investigations and charges or whatever will be taken, will be appropriate.”