(WKBN) — It’s about that time of year for major cleanups and reorganizations, especially for garages.

Austintown Fire Chief Andy Frost says fires in garages are pretty common. He says it’s important to be cautious when storing hazardous materials like paint or gasoline.

Keeping children safe is very important, and one way to maintain their safety is to store tools in a place kids can’t reach them or get hurt if they fall.

Frost also says a smoke detector in the garage is needed and that carbon monoxide will get inside the house if a car is running in the garage.

“Make sure that whatever you are storing in your garage — as far as chemicals — that they are compatible with each other. There’s some things that don’t like water, there’s some things that don’t like oil — so make sure those things are stored and it’s real clear on the labels as to what that could be,” Frost says.

Frost recommends keeping a fire extinguisher in the garage and to make sure all garage safety devices are in place.