WADSWORTH, Ohio – Trick or treating is an annual tradition in Wadsworth every Oct. 31, with only two exceptions.

The first is if the 31st falls on a Friday, which would conflict with high school football, and if it falls on a Sunday, which might conflict with family worship.

This year, the date falls on a Monday, so two ambitious elementary school girls decided to try and get it changed.

Savannah Whited, a Wadsworth 5th grader, and Emma Warner, a Wadsworth 6th grader, collected 108 signatures on petitions asking for the date of trick or treating to be changed to Saturday, Oct. 29.

The two girls presented the petitions to city council on Tuesday, explaining that they feel it would be better for teachers the day after and Monday conflicts with students who have after-school activities.

“It isn’t fair to them that they have to rush from practice and hurry to get their costumes. This is why we want to change trick or treating. Thank you for your time,” Whited told the city council.

The girls were asked to speak with Wadsworth’s mayor afterward.

“Well, I was very impressed, first of all. Them coming to city hall, to council chambers during a city council meeting, pretty impressive,” Mayor Robin Laubaugh told FOX 8.

But she explained that the change could not be made for this year.

“Obviously it’s been on the calendar. A lot of people plan on Halloween based on what night it is. A lot of plans. Obviously, our safety forces plan for the night so we really can’t do anything about it today for this year,” said the mayor.

“We had plans to have a sleepover with our friends until we knew it was a Monday,” Whited told FOX 8.

“It made me disappointed because, like Savannah said, we put in all the hard work and effort but then it kind of made me happy that we did something good for the city of Wadsworth,” said Warner.

But the mayor says the girls’ efforts might not be in vain.

“I told them what I thought would be a good idea is for us to do a city-wide survey. I need to hear from the whole community, obviously, we have had a long tradition for all of these years and but I wouldn’t be surprised. Actually, I would like to see the results,” said Laubaugh.

The mayor acknowledges that other communities, including Barberton and Akron, are holding their trick-or-treating on Saturday this year.

“We are certainly open for other times. We haven’t visited this topic for many, many years,” said the mayor “We certainly can be open, and I’d like to see what the rest of the community would like to do.”