AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — It’s shaping up to be a very “marry” Christmas for one Austintown couple. This week, they had a celebration of their own featuring some lights and a ring.

“I’m still on cloud nine right now, 10, you know, like, I’m super excited,” Laquala Royal said.

It all started off with a joke. She was a little surprised she had to open the box herself but wasn’t surprised it was a prank.

“Of course it was funny,” Royal said. “But then I’m like oh, like you, but he likes to do stuff like that. So that’s his personality.”

When the joke was over, Laquala put on a blindfold and her then-boyfriend, Josh Bartek, led her onto their deck.

With one of Laquala’s favorite songs playing, Josh turned on the lights, which spelled “MARRY ME” on the roof. He got down on one knee and she took off the blindfold.

“Christmas is actually my favorite holiday. Every year, I always do the lights outside. I always spell something on our house roof. So that kind of got the idea last year,” Bartek said.

Bartek admits he was a little nervous but thinks he did alright, and Royal agrees.

“I always say this was the right time,” Royal said. “I’m so happy in this time, and this moment that I did it because it’s — I’ll never forget it. And I’m truly happy that my oldest daughter, my only daughter, she recorded it for us so, and we got to share this moment with friends and family that couldn’t even get to see. So I’m happy to even share it with the world because this was like the best proposal I’ve ever seen, you know. So I love it.”

After six years of dating, they get to celebrate their first Christmas and New Year as fiances, and then plan their perfect wedding, which they will celebrate in 2024.