COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A couple of central Ohio siblings are starting the new year by helping others, continuing a project they started a few months ago.

Kaylin Hammond, 8, and her 6-year-old brother Gavin helped others get through the holidays and will continue into 2023.

Even though the brother and sister are still young, they’re trying to make a difference, helping make the winter months easier for those experiencing homelessness.

Like most children their age, the Hammonds are playing with their toys around the holiday season, but they are also helping others.

“I wanted to do it because people don’t have a home and they don’t have stuff they need to survive,” Kaylin Hammond said.

Back in the fall, she decided she wanted to help others in central Ohio, and after talking to her mother Valerie and Gavin, they ended up opening a hot chocolate stand for two days to raise money.

“Kaylin has always had a very soft spot in her heart for the homeless and, like, she said, whenever she sees somebody with one of those signs, she just worries and how they’re going to get through the winter and things like that,” Valerie Hammond said.

The kids raised enough money to put together nearly 50 care packages. Inside the reusable bags are gloves, hats, socks, a flashlight, first aid and hygiene kits, and more.

“We gave out some food and some hand warmers,” Gavin Hammond said.

The children then went around with their mother, handing out the care packages. There was one more thing they included in the packages: a handwritten note.

“Me and my brother did a hot cocoa stand to raise money to make these care packages. We hope they make you happy, Merry Christmas,” the note read.

The family still has a few care packages left to hand out, and plan on doing the same thing again every year.