WELLS TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WTRF) – The death of a dog is causing controversy in Eastern Ohio.

Wells Township Police say the animal charged an officer, who defended himself.

But community members are upset.

Chief John Ingram says a call came into the station that there were two dogs in the basketball court area by the school and that one of those dogs chased a man and his dog.

Chief Ingram says the Patrolman responded and did find the dogs. When that officer approached them they both started to charge him. Chief Ingram says the one dog stopped once the patrolman yelled, but the other dog continued towards him, growling and showing its teeth.

Some Jefferson County Residents are upset about how the situation was handled.

“You got a split second to make a decision, the dogs closing in on you what are you going to do? At this point the information I have I’m not seeing where the officer did anything wrong or out of the ordinary,” said Chief Ingram. “We don’t know this dog, we don’t know the history of this dog, he tried to scare it, make it stop, the one dog did retreat, this dog did not, it continued.”

“I believe the office service was wrong, he should’ve had a body cam on and if he was that afraid he should’ve called the shelter or if they didn’t have the officers available, Belmont County,” said Trevor Wright, Jefferson County resident. “I would like to see restrictions actually on no shooting any dogs. If they can’t handle the dog or they’re afraid of the dog call somebody that can.”

Chief Ingram says there were three shots because the dog kept charging the officer. He also says he is sorry this happened.

There is a petition going around on social media to have the officer removed from the department.

This incident remains under investigation.