COLUMBUS (AP/WCMH) — The Republican speaker of the Ohio House has once again put the brakes on a GOP bill restricting employers’ ability to require that workers receive the coronavirus vaccine.

The announcement from Speaker Bob Cupp (R-Lima) on Wednesday afternoon suggests the bill has little chance of passing the House in its current form.

All major business and health groups opposed the legislation, and the Republican president of the Ohio Senate has also signaled his disapproval.

The bill would allow employees to claim one of three exemptions to a mandatory workplace vaccine, including showing proof of antibodies from a previous COVID-19 diagnosis.

On Wednesday, an earlier effort to limit COVID-19 vaccines in Ohio took effect, a law that prohibits state schools and universities from requiring vaccinations that have not been fully approved by the FDA. Since one of the three COVID-19 vaccines, by Pfizer, has received full approval, the law may have little practical effect.