COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) — A bill passed by the Ohio House of Representatives looks to create an official state cookie.

Passed by a 75-3 vote on Thursday, Dec. 1, Senate Bill 278 is a step closer to making the sugar cookie the official cookie of Ohio.

As stated in the bill, “the cookie with the main ingredients of sugar, flour, butter, eggs, and vanilla, commonly known as the sugar cookie, is adopted as the official cookie of the state.”

But why the sugar cookie?

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, in 2019 a third-grade class from All Saints School near Cincinnati learned that the State of Ohio did not have an official state cookie.

The class of 11 third-graders wrote to lawmakers recommending a sugar cookie to be the state cookie. They said the generic sugar cookie could “represent a diversity of cookies ranging from the iced or sprinkled sugar cookies to snickerdoodles.”

They said, “With so many amazing flavors of the sugar cookie, most everyone in our state has a favorite.”

The bill will now head back to the Senate, and if approved, will go to Governor Mike DeWine’s desk.