CINCINNATI, Ohio (Storyful) — Ohio’s Cincinnati Zoo marked the launch of Pride Month on June 1 with a video showing a resident ocelot named Primavera smelling and rubbing against a rainbow — a symbol for the LGBTQ+ community – that staff had painted on glass in her enclosure.

“The Cincinnati Zoo celebrates the diversity of our plants and animals, staff, visitors, and community,” the zoo wrote in a press release. “We believe the Zoo should be a place where everyone can be themselves, and we strive for the Zoo to be a place where differences are recognized, welcomed, and celebrated,” they wrote.

According to the zoo, Primavera “loves paint enrichment.”

“Enrichment is an important part of the daily care we provide to our animals. It’s anything keepers add to the animals’ environments to stimulate their senses and elicit natural behaviors,” they wrote alongside the video on Facebook.

The zoo scheduled its own Pride Day for June 26, the day after Cincinnati’s annual Pride Parade.