DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — If you’ve ever thought you’ve experienced paranormal activity, you could be correct.

According to a new study, there have been 2,948 reports of individuals seeing ghosts in Ohio. Texas took the top spot with 7,517 reports and California following with 7,184 reports. As of Sunday, Sept. 10, the study shows Ohio was ranked third in the country with 2,948 reported ghost spottings.

The study also shows there have been 4,371 reports of UFOs in the state, the 21st-most in the nation.

2 NEWS compiled a list of a few spots across Ohio where supernatural activity has been previously reported.

Golden Lamb – Located in Lebanon, the Golden Lamb is a restaurant and hotel. Spirits of a former Ohio Supreme Court justice, Ohio Civil War-era congressman, little girl and more are alleged to roam the building.

Loveland Frogman – Since 1955, the Loveland Frogman has been a topic of conversation across the Cincinnati area. People have reported sightings of the frog around the Little Miami River.

Price Hill Monkeys – In 2021, people reported seeing monkeys in and around the St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Price Hill. An eyewitness claims one of the animals was 5 foot tall. The Cincinnati Zoo says none of their monkeys were missing. The monkeys were never found.

The Ohio State Reformatory – Described as the “one of the most famous prisons in America,” the prison is located just over two hours northeast of Dayton in Mansfield. The Travel Channel reports inmates died from disease, mental illness and violence. Visitors have experienced being punched, pushed and receiving chills.

Wittenberg University’s Myers Hall – It is believed that during the Civil War, Myers Hall, currently a co-ed housing building, was used to care for soldiers who were ill, including a fatally-wounded general. The spirit of the general’s horse is believed to reside in and around the building.

Have you experienced anything supernatural? Do you believe the stories or think its just urban legends?