CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found charges just filed against a woman for shooting a Cleveland police officer and sending him to the hospital more than two years ago.

The case has been unsolved since 2020.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors say they have new evidence, so they’ve filed charges of felony assault against Nataliya Rambharan.

Back in November 2020, Cleveland police answered a call for a burglar alarm at a home off of East 65th Street.

As officers walked around to investigate, one approached the front door and was shot through the door. Police arrested a woman who’d been inside, but Rambharan only faced a charge of obstruction.

Investigators said they didn’t have evidence at the time to prove she had done the shooting. The obstruction charge was dismissed.

Now, two years later, Rambharan has, in fact, been charged with the shooting. Her indictment says she “had a firearm on or about her person or under her control while committing the offense.”

Cuyahoga County prosecutors are not saying how they’ve developed evidence that now puts the gun in the suspect’s hand. They’ve only said they have new evidence.

Rambharan is scheduled to go to Cuyahoga County Court this week to enter a plea and have her case assigned to a judge.

In the initial case, she had pled not guilty. Her lawyer had told the I-Team she had nothing to do with the shooting.

Body camera video released to the I-Team from the incident showed the officer who’d been shot was conscious and alert on the way to the hospital. A fellow officer drove him to the ER in a patrol car.