DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Lima, Russia, Versailles – These are just a few of the commonly mispronounced names in Ohio.

The school of Journalism at Ohio University has published a guide to pronouncing names of towns and other prominent features in Ohio. The guide is based on a pamphlet the school said is likely from the 1950s.

We asked you what names are most often mispronounced in the state of Ohio and have listed them and their proper pronunciations below.

Words in bold are where the emphasis is to be placed. For more information on pronunciations, visit the Ohio University website here.

Ashtabula – (ASH tuh BEW luh)

Ashtabula, oh
(Google Maps)

Bellefontaine – (behl FOWN tuhn)

Bellefontaine, OH 43311
(Google Maps)

Cadiz – (K@ dis)

The @ sounds like the a in FAT

Sally Buffalo Park in Cadiz (Village of Cadiz photo)

Cairo – (CARE oh)

Cairo Community Center (Village of Cairo photo)

Catawba – (kuh TAH buh)

Catawba, OH
(Google Maps)

Celina – (suh LY nah)

The Riley Home sign Riley home behind
The Riley Home in Celina (City of Celina photo)

Chillicothe – (chill uh KAW thee)

Chillicothe City Hall (City of Chillicothe photo)

Cuyahoga – (kye uh HOG uh) (or HOE-guh)

Cuyahoga Falls, OH
(Google Maps)

Gallipolis – (gal ih POLICE)

(City of Gallipolis photo)

Gnadenhutten – (ji NAY dun huh tehn)

Gnadenhutten, OH
(Google Maps)

Geauga County – (Gee AW gah) or (JAW gah)

A farm in Geauga County (Geauga County photo)

Houston – (HOUSE tuhn)

Houston, OH
(Google Maps)

Huron – (HUR uhn)

stay informed.jpg
Huron sign (City of Huron photo)

Lancaster – (LANG kuhss tur)

RisingPark in the background of this patriotic photo
(City of Lancaster photo)

Leipsic – (LIP sick)

Churches serving the Village of Leipsic, Ohio
A Leipsic church (Villiage of Leipsic photo)

Lima – (LEYE muh)

Lima, OH
(Google Maps)

New Bremen – (New BREE-men)

Fort Recovery State Museum, New Bremen (Village of New Bremen photo)

New Carlisle – (NEW car LEYE uhl)

Heritage of Flight festival parade (City of New Carlisle photo)

Piqua – (PICK wah)

(City of Piqua photo)

Preble County – (PREH buhl)

PC website 3
Roberts Bridge in Preble County (Preble County Photo)

Rio Grande – (REYE oh GRAND)

Rio Grande Sign (Village of Rio Grand photo)

Russia – (ROO she)

Russia office sign (Village of Russia photo)

Scioto County – (sigh OH tuh)

Southern Ohio Museum & Cultural Center
Southern Ohio Museum in Scioto County (Scioto County photo)

Tuscarawas County – (tuss kuh RAW wuss)

A bridge in Tuscarawas County (Tuscarawas County Photo)

Versailles – (ver SALES)

Worch Memorial Public Library, Versailles (Village of Versailles photo)

Wapakoneta – (WAH puh kuh NEH tuh)

Heritage Park, Wapakoneta (City of Wapakoneta photo)

Wooster – (WUSS tur)

Wooster Streets (City of Wooster photo)

Xenia – (ZEEN yuh)

Fireworks at Shawnee Park (City of Xenia photo)

Did we miss any? If so, please e-mail us at to let us know.