DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Last month, we published a list of the most mispronounced names in Ohio, and you responded with more names you wanted to see.

All pronunciations are based on Ohio University’s pronunciation guide. The guide is based on a pamphlet the school said is likely from the 1950s.

Arcanum (are KAN um)

An Arcanum Street (Village of Arcanum photo)

Berlin (BUR lynn)

Bucyrus (bew SIGH russ)

Schines Art Park (City of Bucyrus photo)

Campbell (CAM el) [silent B]

(City of Campbell photo)

Castalia (kas TAYL yuh)

Chauncey (CHANCE ee)

A Chauncey street (Village of Chauncey photo)

Conneaut (KAHN ee awt)

(City of Conneaut photo)

Dalton (D@L tuhn) [@=A as in Fat]

(Villiage of Dalton photo)

Eldorado (EL door AY doh)

Elyria (uh LEER yuh)

Cascade Falls in Elyria (City of Elyria photo)

Gratiot (GRAY shot)

Mantua (MAN a way)

Massillon (MASS ih luhn)

Medina (meh DEYE nuh)

Medina Recreation Center (City of Medina photo)

Milan (MEYE lan)

(Villiage of Milan photo)

Ostrander (OH stran der)

(Village of Ostrander photo)

Uhrichsville (URH ichs vihl)

Vienna (veye EH nuh)

Vienna State Seal (Vienna Township photo)