LONDON, Ohio (WDTN) — On Thursday, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation invited members of the media to get a behind the scenes look at the work that they do.

2 NEWS got a first-hand look at their latest forensic technology, which is housed at BCI’s laboratory in Madison County. 

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation utilizes different processes for evidence collection and analysis for crime scenes across the state.

Firearms specialists use a chamber to determine which weapon was potentially used in a crime by comparing the unique grooves that are placed on a bullet when it is fired.

“If it identifies and it is a match, then yes, we’re saying that that fire component was fired by that particular firearm,” said Matthew White, firearms specialist.

Special agents showcased a portable lab for officers in the field. The $75,000 device can determine what a drug is with a simple test swab.  

There are 13 host sites in Ohio. Trained individuals can use the drug-identifying device that helps limit officers exposure to unknown substances. 

“We never had to unwrap the drugs and expose ourselves to what’s inside,” Scott Stranahan, special agent supervisor said. “And they got that so sense that we had the exact same test result that the lab did.”

When missing remains have to be identified, Samantha Molnar is one of the people who helps recreate sculptures of what their faces used to look like, or even an aged version of the individual. 

“So, that’s the cool thing about forensic art, is being able to use my artistic talent in a creative way to help bring closure to families or to help bring names to people so that their homicides can then be investigated,” Molnar said.

The crime scene investigation unit uses special devices to recreate digital versions of crime scenes, which the visuals contribute to juries getting a better understanding of the layout of any given scene.