TORONTO, Ohio (WTRF) — A Toronto man went into cardiac arrest on his way to a hospital after jumping from a second-story window Sunday night.

Toronto Police department was dispatched to 520 North Third St at approximately 9:05 p.m. after receiving a report of a man that fell out of a second-story window.


When officers arrived on scene, they observed a man identified as Perry Tatonetti, lying on the ground on top of rocks and mulch flailing around and mumbling.

As Officers neared, Tatonetti began throwing rocks at them and was said to be exhibiting signs of excited delirium and sweating profusely.

Tatonetti did advise officers that he took something but did not advise what it was and said that two other people could be inside the residence.

EMS arrived on the scene and officers say this is when Tatonetti became extremely combative and had to be physically restrained.

Once inside the ambulance Tatonetti went into cardiac arrest and passed away while en route to the hospital.

Toronto Police Department and Toronto Fire Department entered Tatonetti’s apartment and found methamphetamine, THC gummies, several syringes, and a large number of steroids.

Due to a strong odor coming from Tatonetti’s apartment that burned officers’ throats, the Fire Department evacuated residents from the building.

After the apartment was checked and determined there was no hazardous substance and residents were allowed back into the apartments.

Officers found no evidence of a struggle or foul play.