COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Police say a man charged with shooting and killing a man in May was arrested at the home of an Ohio state representative Wednesday.

Cameron Bowen, 24, was arrested in an apartment above a detached garage at the Italian Village home of Ohio State Rep. Kristin Boggs. Bowen is accused of shooting and killing Harry Williams, 29.

Rep. Boggs released the following statement:

My husband and I are very shaken by the experience this morning and shocked by the information that was shared with us by law enforcement about the boyfriend of our childcare provider.

In the spring, our family along with so many others had to unexpectedly find childcare during the stay-at-home orders. We did our research and made a hire that came highly recommended. As part of her compensation, we provided her with an apartment above our detached garage with its own address and separate entrance. The person she was seeing never spent any time around us or our children.

We are thankful for the Columbus Police Department’s handling of this situation and will continue to cooperate however we can in their investigation.” 

According to Columbus police, the shooting happened on May 29 on the 1770 block of Linden Place. Harry Williams, 29, was found suffering from a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead a short time later.

According to court filings, the incident started as a domestic disturbance at the CVS Pharmacy at 3100 Cleveland Avenue. Williams and his live-in girlfriend were involved in a physical fight. The woman called DeJuan Bowen and Cameron Bowen for help.

The woman managed to get away and contacted the Bowens again and said she did not need their help. She told police the Bowens were armed with guns and she was afraid they would confront Williams.

Investigators said there was a confrontation about the earlier fight. A witness said shots were fired, but she did not see who did the shooting.

Police initially charged two suspects , Dejuan Bowen, 25, and Cameron Bowen, 24, both of Westerville. Dejuan Bowen was arrested on May 30. A grand jury declined to indict Dejuan Bowen.

Police ask anyone with information to contact 614-645-4730.