NEWTON FALLS, Ohio (WKBN) — A man is being held without bond on an aggravated assault charge after reports that he entered a home and threatened to strangle a resident.

Trumbull County Sheriff’s deputies reported to a home in Newton Falls on Tuesday in response to a disturbance. Those who were at the home stated Benjamin Forepaugh, 25, entered while they were sleeping and threatened to strangle a man who lived there.

One of the men at the home said he was laying in bed when he noticed someone in the room with him. He called out to the individual, and when the individual stepped forward and pushed down a mask, he was identified as Forepaugh, according to the report from the sheriff’s office.

Forepaugh reportedly told the man that he was looking for a different resident of the home in regard to a loan, and threatened to choke that resident in his sleep, according to the report. The man noted that Forepaugh was armed with a knife.

Forepaugh then approached the resident he was seeking and began pushing him in the head, the report stated. At this time, a third man who was staying there came into the room and instructed Forepaugh to leave the home, which he repeatedly refused.

Reports state Forepaugh then put his hands on that man before falling down the stairs, where the man followed and then laid on top of him “because he was afraid he would get up and come back after him.”

Forepaugh did eventually leave the home.

The three men in the home directed deputies to two knives on the floor, reported to have likely been dropped when Forepaugh fell down the stairs, and they were collected as evidence.

While one deputy was speaking with the men who were staying there, another deputy went to Forepaugh’s home and arrested him. Forepaugh is charged with aggravated burglary and is currently being held without bond.