COLUMBUS (WCMH) – A 72-year-old man is recovering after he said he was shoved to the ground by someone much younger than him.

The incident happened near the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Neil Avenue Saturday.

Stan Hoff said while he’s better than he was then, he’s still in some pain.

Hoff, who did not want to appear on camera, did show a cut he had on his forehead from where it hit the pavement.

“It was a shocking experience, believe me,” he said. “I just couldn’t believe this guy was doing this.”

A couple of people on scooters bumped into him Saturday afternoon, but didn’t knock him over, Hoff said. He kept walking to get to a bus stop and came across those same people – a man, a woman, and a child.

The city banned the motor scooters in the Short North over safety concerns about three weeks ago.

Hoff said he told them to follow the rules when it comes to riding the motorized scooters, which includes not riding them on sidewalks.

“I told them that they shouldn’t be on the sidewalk with the scooters,” he said.

The man, who Hoff estimates to be about 30 years younger than him, did not take kindly to that.

“I just told them that’s the law, and he got mad at that and pushed me from the sidewalk clear out into the parking lane of Neil Avenue, where I hit my head on the pavement and got a pretty good wack and nice gash on my head,” Hoff said.

According to a police report, after pushing Hoff down, the suspect also kicked him.

“I’m 72, I’m handicapped, and I told him, I said, ‘You’re going to hit a 72-year-old handicapped person in front of your son,’” Hoff recounted. “I said, ‘What’s that going to teach him,’ and he let go.”

Hoff hopes the man does the right thing and turns himself in to answer for his behavior.

“I think he needs to show his son what it means to man up and take responsibility for what he’s done,” he said.

Hoff was helped by medics at the scene but did not have to go to the hospital.