SOLON, Ohio (WJW) – Perfection is a word rarely used in sports, but for Solon High School junior diver Dominic Roberto, his streak of winning state championships has simply been perfect.

“I have three state titles,” Dominic said. “I had another undefeated season this season. I’ve broken multiple records. And on top of that, I’ve got to enjoy it with a great team and a great coach.”

Dominic’s Solon diving coach, Taylor Epstein, raves about his skills and work ethic.

“He has so much talent and the motivation and drive. Whatever he puts his mind to, he achieves. It’s limitless for him,” Epstein said.

Dominic is the only diver in Ohio high school history to have won the Division 1 State Championship in his freshman season two years ago. He’s now the most decorated diver in Solon High School history and is only one of three divers in D-1 to hold three state championships.

“It’s an honor standing next to some of the best divers in Ohio and I’m very proud of everything I’ve accomplished and very grateful that I’ve had the support over the last three years,” Dominic said.

This Ohio State University commit will enter his senior year next year with the possibility of becoming the first four-time D-1 champion diver in Ohio high school sports history.

“You’ve always got it in the back of your mind,’’ Dominic said.  But at the same time, I try not to let the pressure get to me.”

If Dominic fails to win states for a fourth time next February, he says it wouldn’t necessarily be the worst outcome for him.

“I kind of accepted every single situation,” Dominic said. “With diving, there is nothing guaranteed. You can slip off the board, you can break an ankle before the meet. It’s a matter of everything falling into place at the right time.”

Throughout Dominic’s diving career, he’s earned more than 120 medals, including this year’s first place state medal. But he’s setting his goal on something higher — the elusive Olympic gold medal.

“I feel like an Olympic medal would make all his other medals mean nothing, even though they were everything that led to that,” Coach Taylor said.

“The end goal is obviously the Olympics,” Dominic said. “That’s kind of always lingering in the back of your head, but at the same time if it doesn’t happen, it’s not the biggest deal.”

Dominic is looking to dive in the 2024 Olympic trials with the goal of making it to the 2028 Olympics. However, for now, Dominic working toward his senior season next year and then ultimately his college career at Ohio State.

“I’m very grateful what I’ve accomplished so far. It’s been an amazing ride,” Dominic said. “For me, it’s getting that last state title. I think that would be an amazing accomplishment.”