CINCINNATI, Ohio (WLWT) — Kroger is working to eliminate plastic bags from its stores by 2025, but for now, Miami Valley locations will continue offering paper or plastic.

However, starting June 1, Kroger stores in the City of Cincinnati will eliminate single-use plastic bags entirely.

Several stores across the area are passing out flyers to current customers, giving notice of the major change. Those flyers read that cutting out plastic bags is “in cooperation with the city of Cincinnati plastic bag ban,” and part of the store’s Zero Hunger initiative.

Reusable and paper bags can be purchased in stores.

The COVID-19 pandemic has muddied Cincinnati’s plastic bag ban, which passed city council in September 2020. That ban was slated to go into effect Jan. 1 of this year, but was postponed due to the pandemic. It’s unclear when it is slated to go into effect — city officials said some time this summer.

Kroger stores are simply getting ahead of the bag ban.

When Cincinnati’s legislation does go into effect, all brick-and-mortar food-service establishments will be prohibited from providing plastic bags to customers.

Customers will have to bring reusable bags from home, or they can purchase reusable cloth bags from stores, the ordinance states. Any business that does not comply could be fined $100 per day.