COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Child inventors from around Ohio were at the statehouse Tuesday showing off their award-winning ideas, with more than 40 kids displaying their inventions.

Some of the inventions were solutions to simple problems, while others tackled worldwide issues.

Sixth-grader Ava-Elizabeth Bell from Rootstown invented a defense mechanism for your car. When your car is off, her design makes the windshield opaque so thieves can’t see inside the vehicle.

“Not only does it prevent smash and grabs since thieves can’t see inside and know if you have valuables or not, it also can be an opportunity for advertisement because you can put your business logo on it or customizations just to make your car look cooler,” Bell said. “It also helps keep your car cooler in the hot summer. Your seats won’t get hot from the sun because it’s shading it.”

If someone tries to start the car, a message will be sent to your phone asking if you meant to turn it on. If you didn’t, the car automatically shuts off and the windshield remains opaque.

Bell said the idea for her invention came from how an octopus sprays ink when it senses danger.

“It’s just incredible to think that something that started out as a little project has turned into something so big and it’s just incredible,” Bell said.

For other kids wanting to invent, Bell has some advice.

“It was terrible when I first started, and I worked on it and entered it into the competition,” she said. “Then throughout, I still kept changing it and making it better. So even if it sounds ridiculous at first, just keep going with it and it’ll turn into something that’s actually really incredible.”

Bell won first place in her age group at nationals and is now working with lawyers on a patent for her invention.