SALEM, Ohio (WKBN) — Almost nine months ago, a Salem man disappeared without a trace. Now, all his family wants for Christmas is to have him back.

The last time Gregg Warner saw his brother Gary was March 30. Now, nearly nine months later, the family is still searching for answers.

“There’s something very wrong. He would not just voluntarily walk away,” Gregg Warner says.

He describes his brother Gary as a quiet person, keeping to himself especially since retiring from General Motors over a decade ago.

Warner says it wasn’t unusual to go a few days without hearing from his brother, especially because he was recovering from a cold.

“I didn’t really put too much into it,” Warner says. “With my mom being sick, he didn’t want to come around, but I went over to the house and I couldn’t get him to answer the door.”

But Gary’s phone was going to voicemail.

Gregg Warner sent Salem police to conduct a wellness check with him. It was the last time Gary would answer his front door before disappearing without a trace.

“He left the dog behind,” Gregg Warner says. “His truck is still there, his motorcycles — everything is locked in the garage.”

Warner says his brother kept to himself and had a close circle of friends. He doesn’t have a wife or kids.

“There’s hardly a time where I walk into a store in Salem, or I go anyplace out … where I don’t get approached by somebody wanting to know if we’ve heard anything, because they’re all concerned,” Warner says.

He says the holidays make the uncertainty even more difficult — especially for his mother and his son.

“It would make our Christmas complete to have him back. That’s all we need,” Warner says.

He says he can’t think of anything that would have made his brother leave — there were no arguments or health issues.

Warner says his brother never got into any trouble — he was an Eagle Scout and selective about his friends.

Salem police are still investigating.

“He’s out there, we just have to get to him,” Warner says. “I just don’t want him thinking that we’ve given up looking for him.”

Gary Warner is 67 years old, 6 feet tall, and has brown hair, brown eyes and a goatee.

If you have any information, please call the Salem Police Department at 330-337-7811.