GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – Geauga County has a very new resident… a baby boy just about 1-day old Wednesday.

The baby was delivered with the help of two public safety dispatchers.

Sara Newpher and Jimmy Dhayer took a call from a family in Bainbridge Township early Tuesday morning.

“My wife is giving birth in our room,” the dad told dispatchers.

“This is our third baby – coming very fast.”

The mother was in active labor with contractions just one minute apart at the time of the call.

“I think I can see his head,” the dad tells Dispatcher Newpher.

They walked the family through the delivery while calling in emergency services.

“We’re going to get there quicker than you guys can get to the hospital,” you can hear Newpher say on the 911 call.

“His head is almost out,” the dad said on the call.

“You guys are doing great,” Newpher says.

“Is that him crying?


Both Newpher and dad laugh together when they hear the baby cry.

“Happy birthday, Emerson!” Newpher says.

Baby boy couldn’t wait. He was born at home right as emergency crews arrived on the scene with dispatch on the phone with them the whole time.

Dispatchers Newpher and Dhayer were presented with stork pins to commemorate the special day.

**Editor’s note: The 911 call states it’s a Chagrin Falls address, but the family lives in Bainbridge Township.