CLEVELAND (WJW) – Damar Hamlin‘s collapse brought back a flood of memories for Maumee
Fire and EMS Captain Dan Williams.

“As soon as I saw it, I said, ‘that is the same thing that happened to our guy,'” said Williams.

Williams said back in November 2021, he and fellow paramedic Ron Wedge went to watch some friends play soccer at an indoor soccer facility outside Toledo.

“The only difference was our soccer player didn’t make a tackle. He took the soccer ball to the chest. He made a pass. About five seconds later, he passed out and went down,” said Williams.

Williams and Wedge just so happened to be in the stands.

“I told Ron something isn’t right. He ran out and I ran to get our equipment,” said Williams.

Williams said the goalie, 32-year-old Chinedu Oguguo, most likely suffered a rare heart condition called commotio cordis.

“We ended up shocking him twice, doing CPR in between each shock,” said Williams.

The two were able to bring Oguguo back about six or seven minutes later.

Oguguo who said he was glad FOX 8 is shedding light on this condition. However, he declined to do any interviews.

Since the incident, the paramedics have met with Oguguo several times, including when they received the EMS Star of Life Award in Columbus two months ago.

Both paramedics stressed the importance of having AEDS on site.

“Every athletic facility should have these. They are so simple, they are easy to use. It’s important to know CPR, too,” said Williams.