CLEVELAND (WJW) – The FOX 8 I-Team has found new questions over postings on social media by some members of a new group to oversee Cleveland police.

Last week, protestors made headlines when they took over a city hall news conference to speak out against the people nominated for the Cleveland Police Commission.

Now, we’ve found concerns about what some of those folks posted before getting selected to serve on the commission.

Multiple sources within city council have been buzzing about postings from a handful of people nominated.

The I-Team has learned some postings about police are raising questions. Others involve sex.

The members of the commission nominated by the mayor’s office have to be approved by city council. Review hearings will start soon.

Meanwhile, the I-Team has filed a records request asking for the complete files the city has put together on all of the people nominated.

In the chaos after last week’s news conference, the I-Team caught up with one nominee. Gregory Reaves said no one will find anything offensive in his social media.

“I do consider myself funny at times, but I would never be offensive purposely to anybody,” he told us.

“We’re going to bring them in front of our committee, our Boards and Services Committee,” Cleveland City Council President Blaine Griffin said.

Griffin told us council will take a hard look at everything from social media to backgrounds while approving members of the police commission.

“Of course, if there are things that are concerning, we’re definitely going to ask and maybe require the individuals and/or the administration to help us understand why they made these selections,” he said.

At the news conference last week, Mayor Justin Bibb said, “These nominees were carefully selected.”

Monday, in response to an I-Team inquiry for this story, his office issued a statement saying,
“As part of the selection process, the city conducted thorough background checks on all finalists for the Community Police Commission. These background checks included a social media review by a third party company.”

The city council hearings on the nominees are expected to begin in a week or two.