DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Governor DeWine is hoping lawmakers take action in the lame-duck session.

There are only a few weeks left in the session, and DeWine has his eye on a few pieces of legislation.

One bill that DeWine is looking at would shift power from the Board of Education to the governor. DeWine said that he supports the bill, saying that every governor for the past fifty years has wanted more control in education, and he does too.

Abortion legislation has not been debated in committee meetings this session, but DeWine said wording matters and that more clarity is needed in discussions. He is urging lawmakers to keep voters in mind when drafting abortion legislation.

“Whatever law gets passed, we’re in a state where you can have referendums, where the people can ultimately make a decision where they want to go. So, I would hope that the general assembly would pass something that could last, that would not be overridden by the vote of the people,” DeWine said.

Additionally, DeWine says that he would like to see an increase in the state’s behavioral health workers. He said the way to do that is by making Ohio a research hub.

“Smart people attract other smart people,” DeWine said. “And if Ohio can become a go-to state for research, we’re going to attract a lot of people in this field who come here to the state of Ohio.”

Multiple election bills are moving through the State House as well.

DeWine said that he thinks the system is good, and he believes the burden will fall on those who wish to argue without making changes.