LUCKEY, Ohio (WDTN) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted gave remarks at the groundbreaking ceremony for Peloton Output Park Monday.

“Peloton could have put this manufacturing facility any place in the world,” said DeWine. “They chose Ohio.”

According to a release, the new facility will be Peloton’s first, dedicated factory in the United States. The project is expected to create 2,174 jobs with a capital investment of $401 million. DeWine said the influx of jobs from the factory will benefit families.

“But I think the way we really have to look at it is that’s almost 2,200 families whose lives are going to be changed for the better, who are going to have the opportunity to make more money for a company that’s going to be here for a long long time,” said DeWine.

Husted said at the ceremony that he likes when the state does global manufacturing because it directly benefits Ohioans.

“I always love it when we’re doing global manufacturing,” said Husted. We’re selling things outside of Ohio all the way to California all the way to New York, all the way to Canada, Europe and it’ll come right out of this facility and they bring money back and put it in the pockets of people who live right here in this community.”

Peloton said in a release that the location will open in 2023 and that it hopes to hold tours and other community events at the factory once it opens.

You can watch the full groundbreaking ceremony below: