COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Move to Prosper, a local non-profit group that helps improve outcomes for low-income families, recently released the findings of its pilot program.

In 2018, Move to Prosper started this pilot program in conjunction with Ohio State University, taking 10 families and moving them to neighborhoods with quality housing, better schools, and a safe environment. They were also given career and financial coaching. 

The study concluded that all 10 families showed positive outcomes from the experience. 

For single mom KiAra Cornelius, the program was a blessing and something she stumbled into. 

“One night, about 2 a.m., I was just Googling, ‘Single mom parenting housing,’” Cornelius said. “I got touched back in about a week and the process started rolling in with process applications.”

Cornelius has two children. Her son Senoj is 12 and her daughter KiMarra is 15. 

When she was selected for Move to Prosper’s program in 2018, she didn’t know what to expect, but she knew she wanted to put her family in a better environment.

“Before, more crime, I would hear things I wasn’t supposed to be hearing, but now all I hear are ducks outside my apartment,” Cornelius said.

She’s grateful for the lessons she learned.

“My biggest takeaway was getting the financial assistance and approval I needed to build back up credit for me, housing and certain housing areas,” she said. “Better schooling than what they came from, no more charter schools that actually grades and cares and gets to know the children.”

CEO of Move to Prosper Amy Klaben said the goal of this program is removing the barriers for families to succeed.

“When you take that away, and families can be healthy, and people are not overly stressed because of safety, then they can begin thinking about financial literacy, health and wellness, education and career,” she said.

And it’s working because, as Cornelius will tell you, the odds were never in her favor.

“As a single mom, we don’t have all the answers, but we want to get those answers and get to the right steps because, without that extra help from Move to Prosper, I’d probably still be lost, still living somewhere I shouldn’t be,” she said.

Move to Prosper is in the process of onboarding 17 new families for the program, with the goal of welcoming 100 families by 2025.