COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — This month’s mom boss balances work, family and Parkinson’s disease while raising awareness and funds for those living with the disease.

Jessica Krauser seems to do it all but she’s quick to point out that nobody can really be everything to everyone.

 “So, I was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s in 2019, so I was 37 years old,” Krauser said. “After my diagnosis I was doing well. I started exercising, I told all my family friends.”

But in 2021 she hit a rough patch and her friends noticed the change.

“They said we want to do something for you, we don’t know how to help. So, they said we want to have a walk called 5K for JK.”

In April of that year the idea was born, and that October the first 5K was planned, but it quickly became much more than just a walk.

“So, we decided to turn this 5K into an actual nonprofit. We raised a total of $93,000 last year. $86,000 thousand for research and the rest for stayed here,” Krauser said. “This year we did the same walk, we had almost 500 people attend, and we had $126,000. $100,000 will to Michael J. Fox and $26,000 will stay in Columbus.”

It’s a lot for anyone to manage but especially for a mother of twins.

“It’s definitely like a juggling act. I cannot do it without having my husband, who is a significant help. But also my neighbors my friends my family,” Krauser said. “We all pitch in and help each other whether it’s we’ve cooked meals for each other, pick up each other’s kids, get kids out of the house if we have certain things going on, whatever it may be.

“And same thing with my family, they’re always here to help if needed. Because you cannot do it alone. Anybody who tries it’s not going to be good for you as an individual and your health.”