Editor’s note: This story corrects the location of where the incident happened. WKBN regrets the error.

(WKBN) – A very life-like baby doll left the owner of a vehicle in the United Kingdom with a broken window.

A post on the Cleveland Police Department’s Facebook page showed a photo of the doll, which a passerby mistook for a real baby. That person called police to report that the baby had been left alone in the car parked in a supermarket’s underground lot.

Police responded and broke the car window to get to the baby, only to find that the baby strapped into the car seat was actually a doll.

“The owner returned as this was happening and it was established that the reporting person had mistaken a life-like doll, which was fastened into a child seat in the vehicle, for a baby. You can see what the caller had seen in this picture and the call was made with the best intentions,” the post read.

Police stressed that it is still important to report such incidents.

The owner is being reimbursed for the damaged window and was understanding of the unusual circumstances, police say.

“We’d always rather establish a crime has not occurred than miss an opportunity to safeguard a child,” the post from police read.

“We’re never embarrassed or inconvenienced to have reacted quickly to a call that a child is potentially at risk.”