NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio (WJW) – What started as a ”crazy” dream seventeen years ago is finally coming to fruition for a fallen K9 police officer.

Twinsburg Patrolman Josh Miktarian loved his partner and best friend Bagio so much that he wanted the dog to live on.

Miktarian took Bagio to the fertility clinic at Animal Clinic Northview in North Ridgeville and had a specimen preserved for later breeding.

“I’m like, ‘what are you doing? No, this is absurd, like, who does this?’ It was crazy,” said Holly Miktarian.

Tragically on July 13, 2008, Officer Miktarian was shot and killed during a traffic stop with Bagio right inside the cruiser. 

“Where Josh went, Bagio went as well. I mean, their bond was amazing,” said Holly. “I’ll never forget Bagio coming home that day. You could just see it in his face, he just kept looking down.”

The loyal pup retired from the force and became Holly and their 3-month old daughter’s protector until he passed away a few years later in 2011.

Years passed and then during the pandemic the family brought home a female dog named Nala.

Not long after that, they got an incredible idea and returned to Animal Clinic Northview and Dr. Felicia Nonnenmacher.

“Holly told me what happened and it touched my soul to be part of this process,” said Dr. Nonnemacher.

This Monday, an ultrasound confirmed the good news that the fertility procedure worked and Nala is expecting — carrying puppies sired by Bagio.

“It’s crazy how technology works, it’s just it’s crazy,” Holly said.

Dr. Nonnemacher says they see all sorts of patients and that it’s always rewarding when you can help families like the Miktarians and dogs like Bagio.

“Dogs that serve a very important role, with certain characteristics, temperaments or a breed that’s on the preservation list and close to going extinct,” said Dr. Nonnemacher. “To be able to bring those genes back so many years later is just so very exciting.” 

The puppies are due in late May and already many family, friends and community members have expressed interest in them, including possibly some with the Twinsburg Police Department.

But more than anything, Holly is excited she could make one of Josh’s last wishes a reality

“It’s going to be emotional, but to have Josh’s dream come true is really awesome,” said Holly.