DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Governor Mike DeWine said his focus is shifting from the most vulnerable Ohioans to vaccinating college students on campus during Thursday’s coronavirus briefing.

“Although young people are less likely to get sick from the coronavirus, they are significant carriers of the virus,” said DeWine. “By offering one-dose clinics on campus, students who wish to be vaccinated will have a nearby, convenient location to get the vaccine with their peers.”

The state is planning to set up these one-dose clinics next week at various college campuses across the state. Each clinic will offer only the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which the governor encourages students to get.

DeWine said he thinks more students will be inclined to get vaccinated if the doses are available on campus. It’s also a strategic move for the state, which wants to see students vaccinated before they get out for the summer and leave for other cities and states.

Last week, the state’s case rate was 146.9 per 100,000 people, making this weeks jump to 167.1 a significant one. The governor has said in the past that if Ohio can get down to an average of 50 cases per 100,000 people, then all health orders imposed by the Ohio Department of Health will be lifted.

Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, the Ohio Department of Health’s chief medical officer, said the increased COVID-19 activity seen in Ohio mirrors what is happening throughout the country. A big contributor to this are variant strains of the virus coming in from other states and multiplying.

University of Dayton & Cedarville University have confirmed they will participate in the state’s program. Cedarville staff say they will receive a shipment of vaccines next week. Wright State University & Sinclair Community College couldn’t confirm whether they will participate in the program. However, Wright State has been operating their own vaccination on campus and has 100 spots available each week for students.

Wilberforce University released a statement:

President Elfred Anthony Pinkard knows that Wilberforce University has a great history of serving the community. We want to continue this legacy while providing a service and creating a beneficial presence in the surrounding area.”

Wilberforce University Staff