COLUMBUS, Ohio (WJW) — President Joe Biden urged lawmakers at the federal and state level Wednesday to consider a gas tax holiday this summer.

Now Gov. Mike DeWine is responding to that request, saying removing the gas tax would do little to help Ohioans hurting from astronomical gas prices and that the money is necessary for road construction projects running throughout the state.

Like many of his fellow Republicans, DeWine instead suggested Biden tap into more domestic options.

“DeWine has noted that the most significant things our country can do to reduce gas prices is to increase fuel refining capacity and reverse Biden administration policies that have had the adverse effect of reducing supply and increasing gasoline prices,” Press Secretary Dan Tierney said in a statement to FOX 8.

The governor is also reportedly looking into other ways to help people out, like making E-15 fuel (ethanol) blends, which are cheaper than unleaded gas, more readily accessible.

During his speech Wednesday, Biden did note that by itself a state and federal (about 18 cents a gallon) gas tax holiday would not do much, calling on gas companies to also slash prices while putting their profits into production.

With these powers combined, he said his plan could reduce prices by up to $1 per gallon.

Watch Joe Biden’s full speech below: