COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) — Governor Mike DeWine announced the state’s latest COVID-19 vaccine incentive program aimed at students who are currently eligible for vaccination.

The “Ohio Vax-2-School Program” will be open to all Ohioans between the ages of 12 to 25, and will be similar to Vax-a-Million’s scholarship portion. Vaccinated Ohioans in that age range can enroll to receive one of five $100,000 scholarships — which can be used for college, technical school or any other form of job training.

Along with the $100,000 scholarships, the state will also offer 50 scholarships worth $10,000 a piece which can be used in the same way.

Ohio will use existing coronavirus relief appropriations to pay for the scholarships but the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Lottery will hold a news conference with additional information in the next week.

DeWine said the reason the age range is 12 to 25 is to account for some non-traditional college students, as well as traditional students in middle school and up — a group the state wants to see a higher rate of vaccination in.

“The best way for those who are 12 and above, the best way to stay in school is to become vaccinated. The best way to run cross country on Saturday morning, if that’s what you love to do, is to become vaccinated. The best way to play football on Friday night is to become vaccinated. The best way to be in theater or debate or whatever you love is to become vaccinated,” DeWine said.

In Ohio, students who are vaccinated do not have to quarantine when exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the classroom or during extracurricular activities.