COLUMBUS (WCMH) – There is a long history of UFO sightings across the country. So if you wanted to meet someone not from Earth, where is your best chance?

Well don’t go to Florida. Data from show people in the Sunshine State have the slimmest chance of spotting one. Florida is the state with the lowest odds of spotting a UFO at 3485-to-1.

You also won’t spot many UFOs in Texas, New York, Illinois or Pennsylvania. 

So where should you go? Wyoming has the best odds at 205-to-1 followed by Vermont at 250-1. Montana, North Dakota and Alaska round out the top five.

As far as Ohio goes, we’re the 37th least likely state to see a UFO with 1374-to-1 odds. Your best bet is to travel either to West Virginia (708-to-1 odds) or Kentucky (890-to-1 odds) if you don’t want to travel more than just a few hours to meet ET.

Despite the low odds, research shows plenty of Americans are concerned by possible alien activity. A whopping 40,000 Americans have taken out alien abduction insurance, according to the data.

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