COLUMBUS, Ohio (WDTN) — In an effort to increase the transparency of law enforcement records for the public, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has announced some changes to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy portal.

According to a release, the public records portion of the portal will now include the reason for a peace officer’s separation from a department. The reason will appear as one of the following:

  • Resignation – in good standing
  • Resignation – under investigation
  • Resignation – in lieu of termination
  • Retirement
  • Retirement – under criminal investigation
  • Criminal Conviction
  • Termination
  • Death (line of duty or other)

This information has reportedly always been available to the public, but it will now appear in the portal following the approval of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.

“We want Ohio to continue to set the standard for good policing,” said Yost. “From the time an officer first puts on their badge to when they hang it up, transparency will help keep quality cops on the streets of our communities.”

With the update, the officer records portion of the portal consolidates agency appointment history and also includes transparency of training records. Before, only in-person trainings were listed, but now, all trainings are available to view.

“Transparency fosters trust, and these changes make it easier to build that trust,” said Morrow County Sheriff John Hinton. “Our common goal of keeping people safe is achievable when a community has confidence in its first responders.”

Click here to view the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy portal.