CINCINNATI, Ohio (WDTN) – A Cincinnati police officer is facing a disciplinary hearing after body cam footage caught her using a racial slur during a traffic-fuelled collection of expletives.

According to our partners at WLWT, Officer Rose Valentino was sitting near a school, stuck in traffic when she turned on her vehicle’s blue lights. This activated her body camera.

In the video, WLWT reports that Valentino becomes agitated and begins swearing before saying, “F—ing n——, I f—ing hate them!”

WLWT spoke to a former Cincinnati officer, Ohio State Senator Cecil Thomas. Thomas was also the head of the law and safety committee.

“She uses the “n” word, but then she goes on to say ‘I hate these’… and all this stuff, you know. That is concerning because that says there is a deep-rooted implicit bias,” said Cecil Thomas.

Joe Mallory, president of the NAACP responded to the incident as well.

“She said ‘f—ing n-word,’ but then she said, ‘I f—ing hate them. I f—ing hate them,’” Mallory said. “When you have that kind of feeling toward someone who doesn’t look like you, how can we trust you to police on these streets with a gun?”

This is not the first incident that officer Valentino has been involved in, WLWT said. Valentino and two other officers cost the city of Cincinnati about $150,000 in 2018 when they held a realtor and prospective home buyers at gunpoint thinking they were thieves.

WLWT reports that Valentino has also been arrested while off duty for punching family members and bashing a vehicle with an umbrella.

Even with this history, Thomas said that it is unlikely Valentino will be removed from her position. Even if she is fired because of the hearing, Thomas said he believes she will get her job back through arbitration.

However, this does not mean that she will return to her original position. After arbitration, the chief can decide whether Valentino can return to the streets or if she will be kept in a desk position.