DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Beginning Oct. 1, all 818 high schools in Ohio will be required to accept cash at sporting events.

2 NEWS spoke with Rob Dement, athletic director at Centerville City Schools, on what exactly this change means.

“Obviously up until the spring of 2020, cash was the name of the game. So, as far as moving back to that, it’s not a huge change and our facilities are ready for that,” said Dement.

“The biggest change is that I feel like we’ve gotten so efficient at not using cash now to go back to that. You know it’s a pretty big change but nothing that everybody in the area can’t handle.”

Dement said that the district will have to purchase physical tickets and hire more staff to accommodate the change from an all-digital system.

Even though the Ohio High School Athletic Association is requiring all high schools in the state to accept cash beginning in October, Dement said cash from patrons was never an issue.

“If you come to a game and all you had was cash, you weren’t going to be turned away. We were gonna find a way to make it happen.”