DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A big cat was found in a tree in a Cincinnati neighborhood, where it later reportedly tested positive for cocaine.

The Hamilton County Dog Warden was dispatched on a report of a “leopard” up in a tree in Oakley, a neighborhood in east Cincinnati on Saturday, Jan. 28. Crews worked to retrieve the cat named Amiry and it was taken to Cincinnati Animal CARE (CAC).

At the animal care facility, the team of medical professionals called reinforcements: a big cat expert. The expert is said to have worked in the 2011 case of the Zanesville tragedy in Zanesville and on the case of the popular case of “Tiger King”.

In the beginning of caring for the cat, the care team believed Amiry was a “Hybrid F1 Savannah”, which is legal to have and own in Ohio. A representative of the facility says an expert is “pretty certain” the animal found was not a leopard, but rather a “serval”, which is illegal to own in the state.

The medical team with CAC looked over Amiry and took a DNA test and tested the big cat for narcotics. The cat was confirmed by the DNA test to be serval and reportedly tested positive for cocaine. Since the cat is not effectively able to care for wildlife, it was safely taken to the Cincinnati Zoo.

“We’re extremely proud of the work done in this case by the Dog Wardens and Medical Staff and are immensely appreciative to the Cincinnati Zoo for getting Amiry the care he needs,” the Cincinnati Animal Care said.

At this time, the Hamilton County Dog Wardens are not currently pressing any charges. If you have any information regarding Amiry, you can call the Dog Wardens and remain anonymous by calling 1 (513) 541-7387.