DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — ODOT and AAA both say to stay home if you can, but if that isn’t an option, you want to give yourself plenty of extra time to get where you’re going.

“I would double triple maybe even quadruple the amount of time I’m allowing for my commute to the car. It is just gonna be a slow go,” ODOT Press Secretary Matt Bruning said. 

A winter warning in effect, with heavy snow expected in the early morning hours, the entire area bracing for impact.

Crews will be out in force during the morning traffic rush, working to clear roads. 

That work is already underway. With crews laying down salt to prepare the roadways. But O-Dot Press Secretary Matt Bruning says it’s important for the public to understand pre-treating roads only does so much, so your commute is still going to be slow.

“Our pretreatment does not prevent snow from accumulating on the pavement; it simply gives our crews a head start, and makes that bond easier for us to break with a plow between the snow and ice in the pavement. So pre-treating the road does not mean you won’t see snow on the roadways during the storm event on Wednesday you will. what it does is it his gives us just a little bit of a head start,” Bruning also said.

Officials also say to make your windshield wipers work, your car battery is charged, your tires are inflated properly, and to dress warm. You should also keep blankets and kitty litter in your car just in case you get stuck.

Herbie Gross, Fleet Supervisor for the Dayton fleet, a AAA provider, says that one of the biggest things is to slow down and pay attention to crews working on the sides of roadways.

“You definitely want to slow down. Move over, slow down and move over law. If you see anything like a vehicle broke down on the side of the road, crews working, things like that. Police, fire, tow out on the road, on the side of the road trying to help motorists stranded. you want to get over so you don’t become part of the incident and slide into those crews trying to do their job,” Herbie Gross told us.

Both ODOT and AAA say their every possible crew member they have are going to be out to help with the snow. But they again are advising anyone who can to stay home and stay out of the way.