RICHMOND, Ind. (WDTN) — Officer Seara Burton continues her fight surrounded by friends and family, including occasional visits from her K-9 partner Brev.

K-9 Brev has visited the Richmond hospice facility where Officer Burton is staying on multiple occasions, according to a Sept. 9 Facebook post by the Richmond Police Department.

K-9 Brev leads the way at an Honor Walk held for Officer Seara Burton in Miami Valley Hospital on Sept. 1.

There are no changes to report on Officer Burton’s condition, the update states.

The 28-year-old officer was shot in the line of duty on August 10 while responding to a narcotic-related traffic stop with her K-9 partner Brev.

Court documents state that Brev detected narcotics on 47-year-old Phillip Lee ‘s scooter. This was followed by a shootout that left Officer Burton in critical condition.

Burton was flown to Miami Valley Hospital, where she spent three weeks fighting for her life, before being transferred to her current location in Richmond.

Richmond Police Chief Michael Britt said in a prior statement that her K-9 partner Brev is currently living with another Richmond police officer.

“He is currently being cared for by one of our Investigators that is a former K-9 handler,” Britt said. He is in excellent hands and is being cared for in the best possible way.”

A Texas Roadhouse fundraiser is being held in Richmond for Officer Burton’s family on Sept. 14.