New surveillance footage shows shooter in Ned Peppers bar


Dayton police have been poring over 250 gigabytes worth of surviellance video for their investigation into the Oregon District Mass Shooting.

Tuesday, police revealed the Oregon District shooter was in contact with his sister and their companion moments before the shooting.

Newly released surveillance video shows the three parking and going to Blind Bob’s around 11:04 p.m.

Around 12:13 p.m., the group separate and the shooter goes to Ned Pepper’s bar for about 30 minutes. Police say it is a possibility that he went there to scope the scene where he would carry out the shooting less than an hour later.

After leaving Ned Pepper’s around 12:42 p.m., the shooter walked back to his car passing the police officers who would later neutralize him.

Police showed video of the shooter casually walking through alleys alone throughout the night.

Around 12:55 p.m. he can be seen carrying a heavy backpack that authorities believe held the deconstructed weapon. There are about eight minutes where the shooter is not seenon surveillance video. Authorities believe he was able to change and put together the weapon in that time.

Police say the shooter’s cell phone shows he stayed in contact with his sister and their companion throughout the night. At one point, the companion texts the shooter to let him know that they will be at the taco stand.

This is where debate about whether or not the shooter targeted his sister begins. Megan Betts was one of the first people shot, and she was shot in the vicinity of the taco stand.

“If we can’t agree on the interpretation of the evidence..I would say it’s inconclusive,” said Dayton Police chief Richard Biehl of the situatoin.

The police chief stressed the difference between the shooter’s mindset and his motivation, and he says we may never know what the motivation ultimately was.

“Motivation seems to suggest this specific location, this particular night,the particular people who were victims.That’s not the level of clarity we have now. Whether we will ever have that is going to be a question,” said Chief Biehl.

There were 26 victims in total. Fifteen of the victims were female, eleven were male. Thirteen of the victims were black and thirteen were white. Whether these facts prove any motive, Chief Biehl says is a matter being handled by the FBI.

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