GREENE COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) – New investors have big plans for the old Greene County Career Center building as they look to transform the building, and its mission.

Kip Morris says he reached a turning point in his life at age 35 when he decided to get clean and help others in their long-term recoveries. More than 20 years later, he and his partners are ready to make big moves that will bring unique programs to Greene County.

Morris says, “Who better to show somebody how to come out of that than somebody who’s gotten out of it themselves?”

Morris and his partners Chris Adams and Doug Van Dyke are walking the walk, and they want other people who are struggling with addiction recovery to join them. The businessmen have strong ties to the recovery community, and plan to make-over the career center into a multi-functional trade school and recovery center.

Morris says, “One of the big areas that’s missing these days is when someone goes through a program, being able to go to a place where they can transition back into the world.”

They plan to offer recovery programs for men and women, transitional housing, and a program to help young men when they emancipate out of foster care.

The partners call themselves second-chance hirers in their businesses, so they’ll also offer extensive training and real-world experience in trades like plumbing, roofing, and HVAC work. Morris says, “When we bring people into our company and give them a skill, a job skill, two out of three guys that we bring in are going to be able to walk out of the recovery because of that.”

Morris says from experience one of the most important components to recovery is hope. “Hope that you can work a job, to where you can make enough money to support your family and recover everything that got stripped from you during the course of your addiction.”

Buying the property wasn’t cheap, and it will cost more money to institute the programs, but Morris says it will be worth it. “Heck, if you only had one guy who turned his life around, and it affected his kids, it’s all worthwhile at that point.”

Morris says the group is currently looking to hire an executive director to run the non-profit and the entire operation. The programs are expected to be ready this fall.