TROTWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) – People living in Trotwood are no stranger to having to drive miles just to get fresh food after stores like Walmart and Foodtown moved out of the city.

“The City of Trotwood has experienced what many communities have in terms of food accessibility,” Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald said.

The lack of fresh food options in the city was part of the motivation to open the Main Street Food Market. Gurpreet Kaur, a part-owner of the store, said they recognized the need in the community.

“That’s one of the most challenging things here for the community. A lot of people have been coming in here and saying, ‘I’m so glad this store is here, I don’t want to go to Walmart or Kroger anymore, or Foodtown all the way in Drexel.’ It’s very convenient for them and I’m glad we’re helping them in that way,” Kaur said.

The Main Street Food Market is located on Main Street in Trotwood. It offers a variety of fresh produce, household items, and even a deli. Along with providing food, Kaur said they hope to grow their staff and create new jobs.

“We want to help people with jobs too. We’re trying to start and get the business going. So maybe in a month or two, we’ll have people start working here from the community,” Kaur said.

This new business is welcome news for city leaders who hope this growth continues across the community.

“The City of Trotwood is experiencing a renaissance all along Main Street. There are several large businesses that are looking to locate here in this area and we believe this store will provide some of the services that are needed for those individuals that are coming into the city as well as the residents of Trotwood,” Mayor McDonald said.

The Main Street Food Market is open daily from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.