GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) – A Wake County deputy was attacked by four gang members during a child’s birthday party in Garner this past weekend, officials say.

The attackers yelled “we know you’re a pig” while beating up the deputy on Saturday night in Garner, said Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

The deputy, who was not named, was attacked by four men during the event at the Panther Branch Community Center in Garner around 11:45 p.m., Harrison said.

The incident began when one man asked the deputy to step outside. The deputy initially refused, but on a second request, the deputy went outside and was immediately jumped by the gang, according to officials.

The deputy suffered broken ribs, a broken nose and a back injury was “beat up pretty badly and he is still out of work,” Harrison said.

According to Harrison, the following are charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and malicious assault in secret:

  • Delfino Alejo, 27, of Garner
  • Gabriel Moreno, 39, of Knightdale
  • Miguel Angel Moreno, 27, of Wendell
  • Remi Nambo, 27, of Raleigh

During the attack, the deputy called the four men “cowards,” Harrison said.

Officials also say the four men belong to a gang.

Gabriel Moreno and Miguel Moreno are brothers. Their sister, Alex Moreno, says the men were in gangs in the past, but aren’t affiliated anymore. She says alcohol played a factor in the fight, and the deputy was not targeted because he was a member of law enforcement.

Gabriel Moreno is being held on a $2 million bond. The other three men are being held on a $1 million bond. None are allowed any communication with each other, the victim, or anyone else except to deal with legal counsel.

The deputy was treated at WakeMed Hospital and released.

The attack is still under investigation.