ENON, Ohio (WDTN) — From Waco, Texas to Enon, Ohio, a cat missing more than five years makes his way back home.

“I felt like I won the lottery. Like this is — thank you, thank you, thank you so much,” smiles Maggie Burcham.

Maggie got Bernie when he was just nine weeks old in 2012 from a rescue in Northern Kentucky. In 2016, he went missing.

“I made the mistake of letting him go outside,” admits Maggie. “He just kind of disappeared. He didn’t come back.”

She searched everywhere for Bernie, but there was no sign of him, and days turned into weeks.

“I came across these pictures of him and it just made me cry,” says Maggie as she flipped through photos, thinking of Bernie often over the course of five and a half years.

A few weeks ago, she received a call from Waco, Texas. Someone found Bernie, scanned his microchip, and traced him back to Maggie.

“She sent me a picture is this Bernie? and I said ‘Oh my God! That is Bernie!'” exclaims Maggie in disbelief.

They planned a homecoming and Maggie and Bernie were reunited last week. While there’s no telling what he’s been up to or where he’s been, she’s just happy he’s back home.

“These people came together and brought me back my kitty, and that just– that means everything,” beams Maggie.