MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WDTN) — Beatrice Hamilton blew out a candle and made a wish as she celebrated her 105th birthday on Thursday.

“Thank you for putting up with me all this time!” she joked. “I’m pretty ornery sometimes.”

The celebration event, held at Sycamore Glenn in Miamisburg, was packed with Beatrice’s loved ones who had many kind words to share.

WDTN Staff Photo / Chris Smith

Lois Welsh, a friend and neighbor, said she has lived next door to Beatrice for five years.

“When I first came here, I went next door to meet Beatrice and she said, ‘Do you know how old I am?’ and I said no, and she told me 100. Just think – I have been with her for five years,” Lois said.

“You couldn’t ask for a more wonderful neighbor. She has a lot of humor and is just a good person. I’m grateful to have someone like that for the 5 years I’ve been here.”

Beatrice was born in Indiana, grew up in Kentucky and eventually settled down in Franklin, Ohio with her husband and family.

“Beatrice is my mother-in-law of 53 years,” her daughter-in-law, Nancy Hamilton, said. “She’s been wonderful all 53 years, including before my husband and I were married.”

Beatrice thanked everyone for coming to the celebration and said that she felt very loved on her special day.