DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Miami Valley is on the frontline of an American manufacturing resurgence.

According to new data from the Dayton Development Coalition, the industry saw continued growth in 2022.

The manufacturing industry now makes up close to 15 percent of Dayton’s workforce and brings more than $19 billion to the local economy. Companies added thousands of new jobs and increased annual payroll.

Angelia Erbaugh is the President of the Dayton Region Manufacturing Association. She said Dayton has a robust and vibrant manufacturing industry.

“Something that sets us apart from other manufacturing clusters, certainly in the states contiguous to Ohio, is that our manufacturers serve a diverse set of markets. So that makes our manufacturing base protected from hits on certain sectors because many of them can shift to a different industry as the market ebbs and flows,” Erbaugh, explained.

The numbers are promising for a region that saw economic downturn as manufacturing plants closed in the early 2000s. Industry leaders say that changed over the last few years with companies turning to the Miami Valley to do business.

Dave Burrows, the President of the Dayton Development Coalition, said part of this can be attributed to the work being done in schools to show the younger generation the benefits of going into a manufacturing career.

“Because of the great work the DRMA does, and the CTC’s at high schools being more active in some of these aptitude tests for younger kids that kind of direct them where to go, the average wage right now is $79,589, just under $80,000. And they don’t care if you’re 18 or if you’re 28 when you start,” Burrows said.

The Dayton Development Coalition is predicting even greater growth in 2023 with the addition of thousands of jobs, and the expansion and construction of dozens of more facilities. Burrows said this latest data shows Dayton is one of the largest hubs for manufacturing in the country.

“Using a National Location Quotient, if you take the United States as a 1 in manufacturing, the Dayton region is 1.89. So essentially, we’re 0.89 better than everyone else. We have more manufacturing in this region than anywhere else in the country to the extent that it’s almost double of your typical place in the United States,” Burrows said.

To learn more about the work being done at DRMA and the manufacturing jobs available, click here.