VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) — Patty Tackett is the owner of Miami Valley Shooting Grounds and a certified instructor. Her goal is to help people find a gun they feel comfortable using and teach them the tools they need to be able to safely operate it.

“The more confidence you feel in knowing what your gun does, what it can do, what it can’t do, the better off you’re going to be in the long run,” Tackett said.

With gun laws changing in Ohio, she said it is even more important people understand how to use a gun.

“I’m not expecting you to go out an be Annie Oakley, but I do expect you to be confident in being able to do what you need to do to protect yourself,” Tackett said.

That is why Tackett still plans to offer carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) classes so people have an option for training. Even though it will no longer be a requirement, she still encourages people to take that course and get familiar with their gun.

“Yes, the laws have changed, but educate yourself. Don’t just go out there and just start carrying a gun thinking that everything you do is just about carrying the gun and ok now I have the freedom to start carrying this gun,” Tackett said.

Tackett said education remains crucial for responsible gun ownership.

“If you’re not responsible with carrying that gun, you should not be carrying it. You need to read up, know what the laws are, know what state you’re in, know whether you can go into the bar, what locations you can go into and where you can’t go. Educate yourself,” Tackett said.

Miami Valley Shooting Grounds offers a variety of classes for all different levels. To find out more about their training, click here.