DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Dayton Police officers spoke to a man on a bridge for over an hour, convincing him to step over the railing to safety.

James Rider with the Dayton Police Department explained that officers responded to a call where they found a man standing on the outside of a bridge railing, threatening to jump.

As crews from Dayton Police, University of Dayton Police and Dayton Fire blocked off the scene, officers stayed on hand and spoke with the man for 90 minutes, eventually convincing him to step over to the safe side of the railing.

“I’d like to talk to you, figure out what’s going on,” one of the officers said.

The officer continues, drawing from training he had gone through just that month for this kind of situation.

“More than an hour – closer to 90 minutes – to talk to somebody, talk to them into not harming themselves, that is extraordinary,” Police Lt. David Matthews said. “It’s a testament to the training that we did.”

One officer, Officer Boone, offers the man his coat to keep warm and a phone with family members waiting on the other side of the line. The officers then backed up to allow the man to climb over the rail without fear of being rushed.

“It was actually kind of a proud moment that Officer Boone was able to talk to this guy and basically negotiate him to the other side of the rail,” Lt. Matthews said. “And ultimately no harm was done, and the person got the help that he needed.”

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